How to get your business on Google Street View

How to get your business on Google Street View

If you’re familiar with Google Business you may have noticed the ability to “Add Virtual Tour” on your Google Plus Dashboard. This feature, known as Google Maps Business View, allows you to use Google Street View inside your business.

This means that potential customers can explore the inside of your retail store, restaurant, office and more! When people search for your business they will be able to navigate a 360º virtual tour of your listing with ease through Google Maps.

Customers utilizing these virtual tours have reported an increase in their rankings and more website visitors as a result.

Google Street View for Business

In order to get your virtual business tour on Google Street View you need to have a professional 360º photography expert come to your premises and carry out a full scan of the area you want to be accessible.

At VUIT we have the latest in 3D capture technology and are able to quickly and easily upload your listing to Google Business.

Simply contact one of our experts and they will photograph your business, create your virtual tour and upload it directly to Google.


Having a virtual tour on your Google Business page allows potential customers to explore your business and acts as a great marketing tool. Using this service also allows you to add 10 points of interest to your tour, such as a PDF menu for a restaurant, or a class schedule for a gym.

In addition to your Google Maps Business View, you can also receive your complete VUIT Showcase which can also be used to promote your business. For example, Vancouver co-working space, Werklab, use their virtual tour as a way of showcasing their space to new customers, without the need to see the office in person (see below).



For more information on VUIT Showcase and how you can get your business on Google Street View, get in touch today!